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Teaching piano and voice
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Private professional piano and voice, for ages 3 to 99. To schedule lessons, please contact us.

My Bio

My Bio

Ms. Smith-Tyler performed Latin jazz with bands throughout South Florida, click here for more.



Experience student performances at recitals through pictures and recordings. 



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Sheet Music Plus Homepage


About The Studio

Learn to Play Piano and Sing

Accomplished pianist and singer Philippa Smith-Tyler enjoys helping her students of all ages, from 3 to 99, learn to be great musicians with professional voice and piano lessons.

Whether the objective is to sing or play piano (or both), she helps her students learn their instrument intimately – yes, vocal chords are instruments too! – bringing out the best in each student.

During voice lessons or piano lessons, she works with the student to develop an appropriate training curriculum, mixing the art and science of music to match your child’s goals and abilities.

She encourages her students to work hard and recognize that “practice, practice, practice” is the key to success. She also inspires students who may not be self-motivated to practice.

Ms. Smith-Tyler teaches voice and piano lessons for many kinds of music, including Gospel, Classical, Jazz and Latin.

She holds semi-annual recitals to help her students learn to play confidently in front of people, to have an opportunity to show off their talents and to use their talent in the future. For more information, please contact us.

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